Marty Stallone Biography

Marty Stallone Biography

Marty Stallone is a financial and business expert, bringing his expertise to numerous companies. Right now, he oversees several aspects of operation at Metropolitan Development Group, where he is executive vice president of land development. Prior to working at MDG, however, he brought his expertise to Hamilton Consulting, Inc. and Meridian Capital Markets, helping to grow their finances and push them forward as companies. With over 20 years of experience in the financial industry and an exceptional education from Cornell University, Marty Stallone has changed the field and helped companies to build a brighter financial future. His accomplishments have made him the figure he is today, and the corporations as successful as they are.

His Beginnings

Stallone’s start in finance began at Cornell University. It is here that he developed in interest in the field, beginning his long journey to where he is today. After graduating and going into the professional field, he realized that this is what he wanted. His own experiences in the field and with corporations uncovered a passion for finance in this industry. It is what drew him to the companies he has worked with, and to MDG today.

From the early start of MDG, Stallone’s experience and expertise came in handy. As they began to develop plans and look into their first clients, his knowledge and capabilities helped to steer them in the right direction. Stallone had constant confidence in everything MDG did and remained on target for success. That success came early, and Stallone played a major role in that victory.

Stallone’s Strengths

As an analytical man, Marty Stallone’s focus was on research and information. He put himself in a position where he could analyze information, look at facts, and determine the best solution based on what he knew. This worked out for him and for MDG. By analyzing information and taking a fact-based approach, Stallone brought early success to MDG. More strengths are discussed in this recent interview.

Bringing Success

He has continued that success to today. Using his analytical capabilities and expertise, Stallone has maintained the success of MDG and kept it to his high standards. With his 20 years of experience in finance, analytics, consulting, and all sectors, he has been able to steer MDG towards phenomenal successes and possibilities.

Marty Stallone is the man behind numerous projects throughout Eastern Pennsylvania. He has helped with residential, commercial, and industrial properties, making sure that the land for all of them meet his own high standards. He and MDG continue to take on new projects as they grow, develop, and improve.