What is Premium Content?

It’s no secret that many companies and individuals are looking for premium content. If you search just about any keyword you’ll find a lot of “sponsored” content on sites like Huffington Post, Inc., Entrepreneur and many others. People like me are always on the lookout for people with accounts at these popular websites and are always in a state of negotiation with writers to publish content about our clients.

Just a few years ago this was called public relations (PR, not to be confused with press release). A PR firm was always taking a journalist to lunch and dinner and many backroom deals were struck over a $200 rib-eye and expensive wine (hence the expression wine and dine, taking someone out for a pricey dinner with the hope of doing business together). The PR firm had a clear ulterior motive and everyone knew it.

In our current state of SEO and reputation management, content is still king, but content placement is just as important. Great content matters, but great content placed well is equally important.

I can help you get connected with writers and publishers on many major media outlets and publications. Send me an email if you’d like to see your name on the Huffington Post, Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, Chicago Tribune, and many others!